The vision og the museum is to be an active, different and attractive museum. In addition to being a national documentation and resource center for the heritage of the clergyman and poet Petter Dass, we want to impart knowledge and experiences for both our young and old guests. Scenic surroundings, distinctive architecture and site history forms the framework for a visit. The Petter Dass Museum features both permanent and temporary exhibitions. Every hour during the museum’s opening hours a multimedia program about the site appears.

You can visit the Petter Dass Museum throughout the year. Guided tours must be booked during wintertime. In the summer we have regular tours, but groups of ten people must book tours in advance. Group visits and guided tours outside normal opening hours may also be ordered. A standard tour includes an introduction to the site, viewing the multimedia program and a brief review of the exhibitions in the new museum. Estimated time is approximately one hour including the time you look around on your own.

The museum wants to be an interesting educational institution for children, youth and students. Our offer to kindergartens and classes are free. The museum offers various thematic studies and educational programs in addition to a standard tour. Periodically we invite students and teachers to special exhibitions or events. The Petter Dass Museum wants to develop new offerings to schools, often in collaboration with the schools themselves. Classes may also arrange an autonomous visit to the museum. Students from across the country visit the museum throughout the year. A study visit may consist of a regular tour, or a separate agreed arrangements. The museum is helpful with advice and resources for projects and assignments.