There are several old buildings at Alstahaug. Some of them have a long history, others came later. One of the oldest is the main rectory where the northern part is dated to 1750. Surveys of painting and decorations inside shows that the living room was painted around 1760. Written sources indicate that the main building has got a dynamic building history. For a long time it was believed that the house was the same as Petter Dass had been living in, but his home has been renewed and replaced. At a graphic piece of art from 1881 we can see that the main house had two wings with the door in the middle. The special arc over the door are similar on the house‘s western side. This detail is also visible on an engraving from about 1750. The north wing was demolished in the early 1890´s. The building thus lost symmetry typical of the Baroque architectural style (ca.1600-1750). The extension to the south is first described in 1806. In the early 1890´s this got replaced by a new annex building that still stands, with larger windows and higher ceilings. In 1865 the priest’s residence moved from Alstahaug to the town of Sandnessjøen. Alstahaug´long history as a rectory was thus past. The farm was sold to private owners. The rectory has been under a continuous restoration and maintenance work for the last 40 years. The building is protected by the Cultural Heritage.