The priest and poet Petter Dass (1647-1707) has got a central place in our cultural history. As one of the few northern Baroque poets, Petter Dass is still interesting and provides important impulses in our time. This assumption is, among other things, the basis for the development and expansion of the Petter Dass Museum. The Petter Dass Museum is a division of Helgeland Museum. The buildings are owned by Petter Dass Eiendom KF. The main building is designed by Snøhetta AS. It is tucked into a constructed shaft through Alberthaugen, well integrated into the landscape with the front towards Alstahaug´s courtyard. Alstadhaug church is one of seven surviving medieval churches in northern Norway. It is one of three preserved at Helgeland. The parsonage is located at the seaside of the yard and is a mansion house from the 1760´s. It was built by the vicar Morten Sommer (1704-1756), who was married to Petter Dass granddaughter Abel Margrethe Dass (1710-1791). The vicarage was extended approximately 1890. Other buildings in the yard is the storehouse, smokehouse and pier. The chapel was probably built in connection with the church and restoration in 1863-1865. The vicarage as it stands today has not been inhabited by Petter Dass. The courtyard main structure is believed to be that of his time.